USED SHIPPING CONTAINERS are the refuse of modern, global, waste-based society. As much as a 1/3 can be located in ports at any time. The cost of remanufacture can even be lower than redeployment in some cases. The problem grows as we consume more. Upcycling used containers is a "green" and responsible alternative. With these inexpensive and mobile units, fully factory fit up for instant habitation anywhere, we can provide housing for the poor, homeless, and forgotten of any country. We can produce modern, high-end homes for a fraction of traditional construction costs. And we can make mid-range housing affordable. On board ship, they can stack nine high, and be sent to every corner of the globe. Attractive across cultural boundaries, and also successfully removing a major blight from the waste-chain of industrialized nations, they will provide comfortable and uplifting environments for their inhabitants. The economy of upcycling is self-evident. The costs of dump-warehousing of used shipping containers is enormous, as well as creating visual blight in cities around the world. Not only will the re-use of these resources provide raw materials for buildings at incredibly low prices, but will reduce the need for large areas of land to store them. The redevelopable urban areas can turn to parkland or other eco-friendly uses, and governments will also benefit. Reduction of wood based housing, as well as gypsum interior sheathing, glass based insulation, and other "traditional" building materials provides overall economic and environmental benefits.