Shipping Container Architecture

Affordable Housing

Container Nation’s new proposal for an affordable housing solution was designed for the remote Tule Native American Tribe’s reservation in the hills of southeast California.  The tribe needed a more durable solution to house its members on the reservation than the mobile homes currently being purchased.  Those manufactured housing units become dilapidated very quickly.  These proposed houses are designed to be built for under $100,000 each, about the same cost as a mobile home.  Any of these three houses could also make a lovely home for low income, elderly, or other under-served populations. The three- or four- container design solutions focus on pre-manufactured and modular elements that make them deployable in less than 30 days, and would include simple but elegant finishes on both interior and exterior. Intended for mass production roll-out, these simple designs could have a variety of exterior visual treatments that would make them broadly adaptable to differing environments.