Shipping Container Architecture

Golden Era Hollywood

The “Royal Carlton” building, an art deco gem built in 1928,has been refurbished by a family trust. The owners are interested in addressing the demand for affordable housing for the single, students, retired individual as well as the numerous individuals looking for an affordable unit on an adjacent vacant parcel.

The project is located in a favorable location for smaller affordable “micro”-units, within a block of the Hollywood-Western MTA subway.  Approximately 100 units will be constructed on the site. All the units will be standard in size (320 square feet) including full bath, kitchen, balcony and living area. It will be a mixed use property with the ground floor of approximately 10,000 square feet as leased commercial space.

The basic building block of this project will be refurbished, customized shipping containers. In the case of this project, the shipping containers are fully clad to eliminate any perception of the building as “industrial” in nature. Each container is exactly 320 square feet.

The Hollywood rental market continues to be strong, but nearly all of the construction in the area has been for high end product, so this project will easily fill a niche for service workers, single parents, students and many others seeking affordable housing walking distance to the existing subway system.

Enclosed with this summary are the renderings of the project showing an art deco facade which echoes the authentic, historic elements of the Royal Carlton.