Shipping Container Architecture

Palawan Villa Hotel

This project for an ultra-luxury hotel was to be located on a remote out-island off Palawan in the Philippine archipelago.  The island was purchased by a Chinese syndicate with absolutely no existing infrastructure.  Water, electricity, sewers, and every other system was completely absent.

With no deep water port available, the concept was to use shipping containers, fully fit-out, brought on shallow flat-bottom barges to a small, newly built dock.  Since they can be handled with forklifts, no cranes or other major equipment would be needed for the build-out until well into the construction cycle, by which time the infrastructure would be in place.

As construction progressed, the plan was to temporarily house workers in the growing number of villas completed.  Once finished, each individual villa would be extremely private, for guests who wish to maintain high level of privacy.  A central reception building with full dining, offices, and back-of-house, spa, and tennis center would also be fabricated from shipping containers.