Shipping Container Architecture

Rexford Slip house

Container Nation developed a single family home for a property owner in Marin County, near San Francisco. The charge was to use only shipping containers, while disguising the boxes to be indistinguishable as containers.

The home is a 5 container “Slipped” configurationusing a 3/2 arrangement of the boxes. In order to add architectural interest, a “butterfly roof”with solar panels included was created. The home is a gracious 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1600 foot unit. Two standard wood-framed decks provide a front entry patio and a rear sun deck.

Construction methodology involvedsimple wood truss roof structural members, and exterior cladding of Ipe wood and panelized construction. Foundations were kept simple to reduce overall costs.

The long span of the top rails is supported seamlessly at midspans by carefully integrated walls and columns thatfit comfortably with the design, without being obvious points of support. The resultant exposed structure gives the interior a “loft-like”feel with high, airy spaces.

The settingis a spectacular site overlooking Mount Tamalpais, and sits atop a grassy knoll.